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Murat Köprülü "The Business Changes Taking Place in Turkey Today"

Murat Köprülü joined Mariner Investment Group as head of the emerging markets group, and is focused on expanding the group’s footprint in a number of asset classes in the emerging markets. Mariner is an alternative investment management firm which manages more than $13 billion of assets across multiple credit and fixed income related strategies. The firm’s clients are primarily institutions and include public funds, sovereign wealth funds, corporate plan sponsors, university endowments, and insurance companies. The firm has a history of attracting top proprietary trading talent and is focused on achieving superior risk adjusted returns with particular focus on risk management.

Mr. Köprülü was formerly CEO of Multilateral Funding International (MFI), a New York based emerging markets investment and financial advisory firm, which he founded in 1988, specializing in the regions comprising Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey, Middle East, and Central Asia. He was also Managing Partner of MFI's brokerage affiliate, MFI Securities, L.P., trading in the capital markets of the above regions. At MFI and MFI Securities, he innovated and assisted in a number of first ever capital market and investment transactions in the above regions, including assisting in the creation of investment funds for the region such as a ground-breaking $1 billion global emerging markets fund.

Mr. Köprülü worked at the World Bank from 1980 through 1983 at the Turkey and Egypt Departments and was an advisor to the Turkish Prime Minister from 1985-1986. From 1983-1987, he was Managing Director of IntraLink Ltd., which provided financing sources for international trade transactions in a diverse list of emerging countries such as Egypt, Ivory Coast, Greece, Turkey, and the Philippines.