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H.E. Peter Wittig "Casual Conversation About Gemany's Future"

Hear firsthand from Ambassador Wittig about Germany's commitments to global peace, security, and economic and environmental sustainability. Gain behind-the-scenes insights into Germany's important contributions to the pioneering P5+1 talks with Iran in Geneva.

Discover how Germany, the third largest financial contributor to the UN and second largest aid donor, is working towards UN reform based on its commitment that "...a strong UN with representative institutions is best placed to provide world order." Discuss with Ambassador Wittig his belief that you can count on  Germany as a driver of UN reform, a promoter of political solutions to global problems, a model for peaceful regional cooperation, a responsible donor of development assistance, an advocate for disarmament, a pioneer in green energy and climate change and a strong voice for freedom, democracy and human rights.

Deepen your appreciation of Germany as a land of innovation that has given us the printing press, the automobile, asprin, the revolutionary MP3 technology, and is the home of Martin Luther, Albert Einstein, Friedrich Nietzsche, Karl Marx, Goethe, Beethoven, the Brothers Grimm and other influential greats.