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Clark Winter "What Matters More, What Matters Less, and What Doesn't Matter At All Anymore"

In a world of financial advice noise, Clark Winter stands virtually alone as a source of acumen. It is one of the reasons why Ian Bremmer, Chairman and CEO of the Eurasia Group, calls Clark “one of Wall Street's most insightful and honest intellectual brokers." “Clark Winter has given us the tools to unlock some of the closed doors of the economic banks” says Mario Diaz-Cruz, Chairman, Spain-U.S. Chamber of commerce.

Clark Winter is the founder and chief global strategist at Clark Winter Enterprises, a global investment research and strategy firm. He is an internationally known investor and commentator on geopolitics and global financial markets. His research and analysis helps investors understand and harness the multitude of forces at work in today's complicated, confusing, and promising global economy.