Committee of Twenty

Network 20/20's Committee of Twenty is a group of leading New Yorkers that aim to nurture the next generation of U.S. leaders and to help them build bridges with their counterparts in countries of pivotal concernCommittee of Twenty members are active participants in all aspects of Network 20/20, from the briefings to the entrepreneurial diplomacy programs and have helped to extend Network 20/20’s reach and move our young and dynamic organization forward.


M. Sava B. Thomas, Chair

Malek Abedin

Carol Atkinson

Liza Bailey

Debbie Decotis

Cornelia Z. Eland

Helena Kane Finn

Elizabeth Flinn

Judy Gelb

Marjorie Hart

Marianne Hendrix

David P. Hunt

Jennifer S. Huntley

Patricia Huntington, Founder and President Emeritus

Anne E. Impellizzeri

Geraldine S. Kunstadter, Founding Board Chairman

Judith Langer

Anne Mai

Vincent Mai

Michael Manning

Hatice U. Morrissey

Anne Cook Murphy

Aphrodite Navab

Jessie K. Palmer

Dennis P. Sheahan

Deborah K. Solbert

Stephanie Stokes

Frederick Taylor

Charles Temel

Claudia G. Thompson

Marcelline Thomson

Sarah L. Timpson

Elena Toth

Joan G. Wicks

Hope B. Winthrop

Gilda G. Wray