Entrepreneurial Diplomacy Program

Network 20/20’s Entrepreneurial Diplomacy program counters global trends of rising xenophobia and isolationism by providing information and reality, rather than ignorance and rhetoric. Through the program, a Network 20/20 delegation interviews dozens of local representatives from diverse groups in countries of strategic interest. The resulting reports that Network 20/20 writes illuminate realities in those countries, often identifying new foreign policy opportunities. Our mission is to break down misconceptions and forge trust while simultaneously identifying actionable ideas for future collaboration.

What makes Network 20/20’s policy reports different from those published by other institutions is Network 20/20’s insight from the private sector. Our delegations approach their interviews with their experiences as lawyers, mediators, management consultants, investment advisers, artists, health care professionals, and beyond. This provides a different lens through which to see the realities of the countries in question. Furthermore, it provides a unique basis for network-building and follow-on projects.

Since its founding in 2004, Network 20/20 has fielded member delegations to Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, and Poland. Discoveries and recommendations and from these trips were compiled into a series of widely circulated field research reports that have become “must reads” for public and private sector policy makers. Our reports are available to download on each project's page.