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Jenik Radon "The Panama Papers: Offshore Banking, Corruption, and the Fallout"

Jenik Radon is Adjunct Professor at the School of Public and International Affairs, Columbia University, where he teaches in the area of sustainable natural resource development with a focus on risk and strategic management, sovereignty and human rights, especially environment, minority rights (including social license) and anti-corruption.  Radon is currently co-teaching an inaugural and timely class at Columbia titled “Panama Papers.” He is the founder and director of the Eesti and Eurasian Public Service Fellowship, which has provided students from Columbia, Stanford Law School and other institutions the opportunity to intern with government officials and civil society in emerging nations across the global, including Bhutan, Cambodia, Estonia, Georgia, Kenya, Mozambique, Nepal, Philippines, Tanzania and Uganda.  Radon is a recipient of SIPA's "Top Five" teaching award for the spring 2010 and 2013 semesters.