Roger C. Altman

Former Deputy Secretary of the United States Treasury, Former Vice Chairman of the Heartstone Group and Founder and Executive Chairman of Evercore

Roger Altman is Founder and Executive Chairman of Evercore, which, in most years, is the most active independent investment bank in the United States.

Mr. Altman began his investment banking career at Lehman Brothers and became a general partner of that firm in 1974. Beginning in 1977, he served as Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury for four years. He then returned to Lehman Brothers, later becoming co-head of overall investment banking, a member of the firm's Management Committee and its Board. He remained in those positions until the firm was sold.

In 1987, Mr. Altman joined The Blackstone Group as Vice Chairman, head of the firm's advisory business and a member of its Investment Committee. Mr. Altman also had primary responsibility for Blackstone's international business.

Beginning in January 1993, Mr. Altman returned to Washington to serve as Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Treasury for two years. In 1995, he formed Evercore. Today, the firm has 76 partners, 1,000 employees and has handled over $1.5 trillion of merger, acquisition, recapitalization and restructuring transactions.

Mr. Altman is a Trustee of New York-Presbyterian Hospital, serving on its Finance Committee, and is Vice Chairman of the Board of the American Museum of Natural History. He also serves as Chairman of New Visions for Public Schools and is a Director of Conservation International. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Mr. Altman received an A.B. from Georgetown University and an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago.