Promoting Global Perspectives in Foreign Policy

Network 20/20 is an independent organization that builds foreign policy understanding in young and mid-career leaders. We provide briefings by leading foreign policy experts in intimate settings, conduct on-the-ground research trips in countries where there is a need for deeper understanding, and encourage networking among the group and with counterparts abroad. With its diverse, multinational membership and access to leading experts, Network 20/20 provides a forum for an informed understanding of foreign policy. 

Through its Entrepreneurial Diplomacy program, Network 20/20 interviews dozens of local representatives from diverse groups in countries of strategic interest. The resulting reports that Network 20/20 writes illuminate realities in those countries, often identifying new foreign policy opportunities. We are internationally recognized for gaining unique access and listening to local leaders abroad and reporting their views back to policymakers in the United States.

Network 20/20’s Foreign Policy Briefings include off-the-record talks by experts on international affairs, conversations with seasoned analysts, and breakfasts and dinners with diplomats and public officials. Our salon-like settings, often in the homes of members and supporters, allow for group discussion not often found in a lecture environment.

Network 20/20 members are a talented, diverse, and multilingual group. They come from different professions: business, law, the media, the arts, NGOs, think-tanks, governments, and academia. Two-thirds have advanced degrees. All are "thinking", motivated individuals who are furthering America's positive engagement with the world. 

Our Mission

Network 20/20's mission is to develop foreign policy fluency in rising and established leaders from diverse backgrounds by:

  • Providing intimate briefings by leading foreign policy experts including journalists, diplomats, and academics.
  • Conducting on-the-ground research in countries where there is a need for deeper understanding, and disseminating reports to opinion leaders and policy makers.
  • Encouraging networking among the group and with counterparts abroad to activate responsible global citizenship.

Network 20/20 is among the few and best venues for sophisticated people to keep abreast of the most important issues of the day and to talk to other sophisticated and informed people
— Leslie H. Gelb, President Emeritus, Council on Foreign Relations
Rarely have I spoken to such a multinational sea of faces and engaged with young leaders eager to learn and solve global environmental problems as well as peace and security issues
— David Rockefeller, Jr., Former Chairman of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund
I have watched Network 20/20 grow from a small start-up into a dynamic organization making a difference because it listens to leaders of other countries and reports their views to U.S. policymakers
— Richard Holbrooke, United States Special Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan under President Obama
At a time of great global challenges Network 20/20 provides invaluable service to America and the world by bringing together rising young leaders from diverse backgrounds to share ideas, forge bonds, and influence policy-making. Network 20/20 promotes the kind of deep understanding, broad collaboration, and engagement that we need in today’s complex world
— Vali Nasr, Dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies
Network 20/20 members are leaders in their respective professions applying their background talents to the world’s most pressing concerns. The are America’s hope for the future.
— Ted Sorensen, Special Counsel & Advisor to President John F. Kennedy
The diversity of Network 20/20’s multinational members is what puts this organization ahead of the curve in building bridges with emerging leaders overseas in today’s global world.
— Duncan L. Niederauer,Former NYSE Euronext CEO